Kansas Dust in the Wind live unplugged

This is a very moving live performance of Dust in the Wind by Kansas. This song was released on the Point of Know Return album by Kansas in 1977. Dust in the Wind was written by Kerry Livgren.

David Gilmour “Wish You Were Here” live and unplugged

Truly an amazing song performed by the legendary David Gilmour. This version of “Wish You Were Here” is recorded live and is unplugged. It does not take a diehard Pink Floyd fan to feel the passion Gilmour puts into performing. Enjoy the song and mood David Gilmour leaves you with.

Top 10 Iconic Rock Songs

We have to share this video which lists watchmojo.com’s top 10 list of iconic rock songs. This is a well-produced video and these are great songs. We are sure all of us would have changes and additions if we made a top ten list like this one.