David Gilmour Comfortably Numb New York session

Photo credit Youtube user Tony Campos

We can’t get enough of David Gilmour or Pink Floyd.  This is an excellent video recording of David Gilmour performing in New York.

This is pretty much Comfortably Numb complete. Comfortably Numb was released on November 30th, 1979 on the Pink Floyd “The Wall” album which topped the BIllboard 200 album charts for 15 weeks.

Enjoy the haunting lyrics and searing David Gilmour guitar solos in the video below.

We found a great Youtube video to show our guitar players the chords to this great Pink Floyd classic rock song  Comfortably Numb.  Then if you are interested in learning more here is another video on how to play the lead work for Comfortably Numb.  Finally here is a direct link to a very good guitar tab for Comfortably Numb with both the chords and lead guitar parts.  A tip to help you learn the song easier all links open in a new window so you can compare the parts that are difficult for you to learn.  Enjoy the song!

If you have a favorite song you would like to see on our website send us a link to the video and we will do our best to put a small “blurb” together.